Hermann Serient (born 1935 in Melk)


The artistic multi-talent Hermann Serient was born in 1935 in Melk in Lower Austria. His family moved to Vienna in 1940. In 1948 he made the first drawings and paintings with mostly phantastic visions. After his apprenticeship as a goldschmith he travelled across Europe some years. During this time he made a living in working as a freelance painter and Jazz-musician.

In 1965 he moved to Rohr, a small town in the South of Burgenland. He dedicated a cycle of works called "Heanzenzyklus" to this region and the people who live there. Besides he experimented with selfmade instruments, made photos and animations for the Austrian Television Broadcasting ORF. Beginning in the 1970s Serient increasingly picked up social and ecopolitical issues. That way he made the cycle "Ikonen des 20. Jahrhunderts" (Icons of the 20th century) and the cycle "Das Irrsein hat schon begonnen". After 1983 Serient made a lot of landscapes with views from the Burgenland. In 1992 the founded his own gallery in Vienna.

Hermann Serient lives in Vienna and Rohr, his works are shown in many exhibitions in Austria, Germany and Japan.



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